In 2002, I witnessed the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid ui-Adha) in a small village of Sahara, Africa. While staring at this reality through the lens to photograph this scene, I realized that “a transparent glass was a filter of lights that divides the perception of the world for those who look through into two – ‘the world on this side’ and ‘the world on the other side’ of the glass”.

The reality captured by the camera lens reaches through to the brain through the human lens, “the eyes”. In the state of trance, I was truly inspired by the world light and shadow created through the lens. This experience later lead me to lead a life as a glass object artist. From the camera lens, my interest shifted to “glass as visual effect media of lights” and my work now still roots back to the experience in the Sahara desert.

Glass is made of sand (silica) which is created by the nature of the universe. It is fragile but at the same time can be as vibrant as if it were alive. It is able to create the mysterious world of light far beyond any expression of words, unlimitedly. In my art work, I would like to continue to express the invisible outlines of the light that holds no shape that no one can touch.

In order to create an art from light and glass, I need to stay vigilant to all phenomena around me. Through the work born from these efforts, I would be most delighted if I could share my experience with others and talk to their hearts.

Naruhito INOUE